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30 October 1952
Older, crotchety fanboy who thinks he might be able to write. Time will tell as I am still working on my million words. Writing is a skill, not just a talent. That means I need to exercise, train, and learn how to improve my skills before I will ever be considered a writer whose works are worth reading. Very few writers skip to the head of the line. Most published writers have had to swim through the slush, like the rest of us, until their writing makes a big enough splash to get them out.

Former member of Dreaming in Ink (DII), Hobgoblin, and Critters writing workshops. Submit annually to the Norwescon Writers Workshop. Just picked up an Honorable Mention in the 2008 first-quarter WotF.

Professionally, I’m an emergency preparedness instructor (IFSTA-I, IFSAC-II) with EMTA (FA, BBP, AED, CPR, etc). I was a Lt FF/EMT for about 15 years (retired) and active at some level in EMS for about 40 (ORT, S&R, psych, etc).

Genre Fandom: I’ve been the Programming Director for a few conventions, helped out in several other positions, and been attending cons for over twenty years. I’ve met and conversed with the best and brightest of authors, artists, editors, and publishers. Sometimes it has meant becoming a lot more involved and I now have the humble privilege of calling some of them friends. I can’t tell you how good that feels. If you just attend cons without volunteering, you are missing out. It might have taken years of almost thankless work but it is well worth every hour that I have contributed.

I’m also interested in genealogy, single malt, movies, and good books.

My journal will be about whatever pleases me at the moment as I consider freely accessible personal chronicles similar to acts of public masturbation. Hopefully, my mental stroking will be educational, erudite, pleasurable (for both you and me), inspirational, humorous, and as frequent as I can make it.

If you want an opinion, just ask, but requests may or may not fall on deaf ears. Just be prepared for a real answer. No, that does not mean that I am always right. It does mean that I can make up my own mind. I refuse to waffle my way through life. It is the only one that I have, it ends when I turn up dead, and I would rather not waste any more of it than I already have (which means emphatically that, yes, I did inhale).

PS: Just to satisfy my wife, I am happily married, not single, not looking, and not even remotely interested.